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Gun Swinging Lawyer Mark McCloskey ‘Definitely’ Considering Running For The Open Senate Seat In 2022

Mark McCloskey just might be running for Senator from the State of Missouri in 2022, Based on Fox News.

Pictures of McCloskey brandishing an assault weapon and his wife Patricia pointing a gun at protesters who were marching past their home last June — amid the summer of domestic demonstrations across the killing of George Floyd in the hands of authorities in Minnesota — immediately moved viral.

While town lawyers brought weapons charges against McCloskey and his wife, they were vaulted to conservative stardom. They fundraised for then-President Trump’s 2020 reelection effort and talked at last summer’s Republican National Convention. In February, they appeared as guests in a gun-rights rally in the Missouri state capitol.

McCloskey reported a 2022 run is”definitely a consideration.”

“I think there’s a general outpouring of concern for what’s going on currently with the erosion of the Constitution and our basic rights.”

“Although I’m not at this point running, it was nice to be able to go first before former Gov. Greitens and A.G. Schmitt. It gave everybody an opportunity to see us head to head.”

“We’ve been getting a strong response everyplace, and last Saturday was not an exception.”

“We can no longer just say’America First,’ because America will go away unless we first say,’We have got to save America,’ pull America back, and then go forward. If we don’t do it here in 2022, the opportunity may never recur.”

McCloskey said that he has not yet”had the opportunity to speak with the president yet about this. If he is interested in speaking with me about it, I’d be very happy to do so.”

“He has made some endorsements. We’d be absolutely thrilled if should he endorse us, but I think he’s going to keep the finger off the scale.”

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