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First 100 Days: Biden Presents The Least Economy Stimulation In Modern History, Does Not Look Good For Re-Election

Joe Biden’s approval ratings are abysmal, based on The Blaze.

It’s been reported that Biden holds some of the lowest approval ratings in contemporary history.

his approval rating is “lower than any president at 100 days in office since 1945.”

A survey conducted on April 18 revealed that Biden’s approval rating was in a devastatingly low 52 percent overall.

But, Biden’s 52% approval rating beats Trump’s 42% approval rating.

“Biden’s rating for handling the economy is essentially the same as Trump’s in January, marking this as a clear challenge.”

“Presidential fortunes often are closely linked to economic conditions.”

The average approval ratings for the previous 14 presidents have been 66% acceptance.

Polls have shown that Americans’ approval of Biden’s handle on the Coronavirus stands around 64%.

These Americans also support Biden’s economic relief package.

52% of Americans approve of his multi-trillion dollar infrastructure package.

Only 37% of Americans that participated in the poll approve of Joe Biden’s handle on the border crisis.

53% of Americans, according to the poll are under the impression that Biden will increase the size of the Government.

According to the polls, 40 % of Americans think of Biden as being “too liberal.”

42% of Americans hold the opinion that the market is is positive.

58% of Americans believe the speed of the market is negative.

Key Take Away:

  1. The data show that Biden did not experience a boost in that very important metric, which could spell disaster for his hopes of re-election if he is not able to reverse that perception.
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