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Chris Christie Rejects Joe Biden’S Growing Web Of ‘Lies’

And President Joe Biden’s biggest lies in his administration, even rejecting former Democrat operative George Stephanopoulos’ effort to shield and deflect.

“Language does matter; we learned that the past 4 years, how you use it and what you say, and I said last week the president’s not telling the truth” on Georgia’s election reforms, Christie, the former Republican governor of New Jersey, said Sunday. “And he is not telling the truth about the infrastructure package.

“This is the care economy? This is the care infrastructure? It’s baloney.”

“The president right now is in the first 100 days, and he’s going to have that soothing persona and all the rest of it, but when people start to look at what he’s really doing, George, those moderate voters,” Christie began before Stephanopoulos stepped in to defend the president, saying the spending programs are”popular” with Americans.

“Here’s what’s not popular: lying is not popular,” Christie responded. “It’s not infrastructure, George.”

An incredulous Stephanopoulos stepped in again to reject criticism of the president.

“Do you really want to use the word ‘lie’ there; I mean, come on,” Stephanopoulos said.

“Let’s just be fair here,” Christie reminded Stephanopoulos and his liberal media allies that had frequently fact checked former President Donald Trump but now rush to defend the same for President Biden, as Stephanopoulos did.

“If Donald Trump had come out and called a dog a cat, which is what Joe Biden’s doing, we would be outraged by the fact that he’s lying. But with Joe Biden, somehow it’s like ‘Oh, well, come on, it’s Joe.’

“No, no, no, no, it’s not true.”

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