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Kamala Looks Into The Camera And Tells Lie After Lie About Withdrawal

Joe Biden picked California Senator Kamala Harris (D) as his vice presidential running partner for whatever reason. During her brief time in the upper house, as well as at any other level of government service, the lady did nothing.

While acting as Attorney General of California, Harris was accused of failing to address a situation regarding sexual harassment. She also requested that his Knights of Columbus membership be revoked by a Catholic court.

However, those are only the top of the iceberg. This woman has a lot of problems.

Vice President Kamala Harris repeatedly lied about the botched Afghanistan withdrawal during her interview Sunday on Face the Nation with CBS regarding the peace plan outlined by former President Donald Trump.

During her appearance with CBS’s Face the Nation on Sunday on former President Donald Trump’s peace proposal, Vice President Kamala Harris repeatedly lied about the disastrous Afghanistan exit.

According to Breitbart News politics editor Matthew Boyle, both “Afghan government officials and Taliban leaders” were present for the talks that set serious conditions on whether or not the US would fully withdraw from the country by the spring of 2020, despite the vice president’s initial claim that Trump did not include the Afghan government in peace negotiations.

Pompeo spoke with leaders from both parties as well as Qatar. These talks follow a Feb. 29 agreement between US and Taliban leaders that outlined the framework for the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, including, most importantly, a Taliban commitment not to harbor terrorists from groups like al-Qaeda, as they did when they were in power prior to and immediately after the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the US in 2001.

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