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Watch As Liberal Protesters Storm Interior Building In DC But Media Gives It Zero Coverage

Noisy climate protests in D.C. It’s true that the noisy climate protests in D.C. at the end of this week attracted some media attention. But it was favorable press. Careful press. And it wasn’t everyone. CBS mainly. Some local channels. Some radio. CNN? LOL no. MSNBC? Not exactly.

Even those who were carrying climate protest stories missed a significant part. Storming of a federal Building, with someone LITERALLY doing the same thing as Ashli Babbit, which was to climb over the crowd and try to enter an area of a federal Building that was blocked.

The MSM remains silent when liberal know-nothings storm DC’s Interior Building on October 16.


Noisy climate protests in D.C. this week drew some media attention, it’s true. But it was favorable press. Careful press. Kid glove press. And it wasn’t everyone. CBS mainly. Some local channels. Some radio. CNN? LOL no. MSNBC? Not exactly.

See even the ones who carried climate protest stories skipped a pretty significant part. The storming of a federal building, including someone LITERALLY doing what Ashli Babbit did, which was to climb above the crowd and attempt entry to an area of a federal building that was blocked.

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