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Watch Humiliating Video Of Biden Struggling To Speak For 41 Seconds Straight

Biden was fumbling on words and could not appear to receive his train of thought on track whilst talking of the market, based on The Western Journal.

Biden was unable to speak simple sentences and read numbers .

Biden was hoping to speak on the topic of restaurant companies and the importance they have on our economy.

It seems Biden has a screw or two loose and isn’t quite as sharp as he used to be.

Ali Shahbaz said,”At various points of the presidential campaign, Biden received criticism that signaled a worrying lack of awareness of speech disorders.”

“Some attributed his stutter to ‘cognitive decline’.”

“Others mocked it as one of his ‘gaffes’.”

“Still others questioned his mental fitness to run for the presidency.”

“Biden’s stutter had become an open display of vulnerability.”

“And opponents showed an unapologetic appetite to capitalize on any and all susceptibility.”

“It is simply the law of the jungle. In politics, that is.”

Sen. Mike Lee of Utah said,”I of course have no medical training and can’t diagnose a condition — especially over someone I don’t personally interact daily — but from a distance I can see that he’s not doing well.”

“Sad. And disturbing.”

Lots of men and women are worried about Biden’s cognitive ability and wonder whether he’s properly equipped to control these Great United States Of America.

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