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Only 28 Percent Of Scanned Test Ballots Counted For GOP In Voting Audit In New Hampshire

New Hampshire’s election audit has maybe found the outcomes from the 2020 election were so far off from the hand recount, according to The Western Journal.

The audit was called since Kristi St. Laurent was brief by 24 votes of winning one of four chairs Windham.

When a recount happened she was brief 420 votes.

St. Laurent’s first complete was off by 99 votes.

Auditors are indicating that fold lines in the ballots might be the source of a miss count.

“Something we strongly suspect at this juncture, based on various evidence, is that in some cases, fold lines are being interpreted by the scanners as valid votes,” said Mark Lindeman.

“Wherever the fold happened to be was, I guess, most commonly through my name.”

“Because if someone voted for all four Republican candidates and the ballot happened to have its fold line going through St. Laurent’s target, then that might be interpreted by the machines as an overvote, which would then subtract votes from each of those four Republican candidates,” said Philip Stark.

“Conversely, if there were not four votes already in that contest by the voter, a fold line through that target could have caused the machine to interpret it as a vote for St. Laurent.”

“Throughout New Hampshire, you’re using the same voting machines, the AccuVote, and in principle, it could be an issue,” Stark said.

“It really depends where the folds are in relationship to the vote targets.”

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