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Video Of Confused Biden Wandering Onto Grass Sparks Concern

Social media is buzzing with questions and concerns about Joe Biden’s viral video.

“Dangerous and scary,” comments one person on Twitter.

Former White House Deputy Chief Of Staff Dan Scavino stated that Biden had “gone the wrong way” and seemed to be in a bind.“Totally lost”

Scavino posted the video online so others could see it. After a long weekend spent in Wilmington, Delaware, Biden appears to be walking up to the Oval Office.

Biden can be seen walking along the sidewalk that leads to the door. Biden was walked by a Secret Service agent who pointed towards a right turn onto the sidewalk.

Biden ignored these directions and continued walking straight, wandering onto the grass.

Taking an unnecessarily circuitous path, Biden eventually found his way to the door.

Watch the clip:

Check These Other Responses:

In recent weeks, Joe Biden’s sharp cognitive decline appears to worsen.

Falsely claiming that “350 million” Americans had been vaccinated, when in reality, there are approximately 328 million.

Who Knows What Will Happen Next!

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