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Video Of Biden Cutting Off Press Questions: ‘I’m really gonna be in trouble’

Joe Biden stated he was likely to be”in trouble” when he kept answering questions from journalists, based on Fox News.

Joe Biden spoke regarding national health guidelines like face vaccinations and covers.

Biden said, “I’m sorry, This is the last question I’ll take, and I’m really gonna be in trouble.”

It was unclear what Biden really meant when he said he was going to be in trouble.

Lyndsey Fifield said, “Who will Biden ‘get in trouble’ with for taking basic press questions? He’s the PRESIDENT!”

Considering taking the White House Biden has held a rather strict limitation on talking all by himself at press conferences.

Biden has taken a few questions randomly on several different occasions.

White House Press Sec. Jen Psaki, however, has held daily press briefings.

According to sources Biden has made 67 false claims because he entered the White House.

Maybe that is why he said he would get in trouble. He doesn’t understand what’s happening.

Reporters asked if people should keep on wearing face covers regardless of being vaccinated or not.

Biden responded, “The science indicates that the most certain way to make sure it doesn’t spread is if both people have been vaccinated, and you’re outside.”

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