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UAE to Temporarily Host 5,000 Afghans at US Request

According to the foreign ministry of the Gulf Arab country, the United Arab Emirates will host 5,000 Afghan nationals who are being evacuated from Afghanistan for 10 days. This is in response to the United States’ request.

In a statement by WAM, the ministry stated that “the evacuees” will fly to the UAE on U.S.-owned aircraft from Kabul, the Afghan capital.

Reuters was informed by the foreign ministry that they would be hosted for ten days.

It stated that the UAE had so far assisted in the evacuation of 8,500 Afghans via its airports and aircrafts.

The announcement was made after U.S. officials informed Reuters Washington expected to announce that countries in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa have agreed to temporarily shelter those evacuated from Kabul when its base in Qatar reached capacity.

According to Reuters, a Qatari official said that the Gulf Arab state was continuing its efforts to evacuate Afghans. In the coming days, additional flights will be scheduled.

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