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Ted Cruz Blocked Dems Massive Power Grab In The Senate

At 3:30 on Wednesday morning, following 15 hours of amendment votes on the Democrats’ $3.5 trillion human infrastructure bill, morally bankrupt Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer tried to force a vote on the For the People Act by unanimous consent, according to The Houston Chronicle.

Chuck, that was a great effort!

Immediately, Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas took to the Senate floor to deliver precisely the smackdown that Schumer deserved.

The Chronicle reported that Cruz had “objected repeatedly” to the legislation, calling it “a federal government takeover in elections” and “a massive power grab by Democrats”. The “back-and-forth” with Schumer lasted about 15 minutes.

Cruz stated to his colleagues, “This bill would constitute a federal government takeover of elections. It would constitute a massive power grab by Democrats. It would disenfranchise millions of Americans and it would do precisely the opposite of its nominal title, ‘For The People.’ It is, instead, for the politicians because it entrenches politicians and ensures that the people cannot vote them out of office.

“It would strike down virtually every reasonable voter integrity law in the country, including voter ID laws supported by the overwhelming majority of this country, including prohibitions on ballot harvesting, again widely supported by people in this country. It would mandate that felons be allowed to vote, and it would automatically register millions of illegal aliens to vote. It would profoundly undermine democracy in this country, and for that reason, I object.”


Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell also objected strenuously to Schumer’s move to sneak the bill through a weary Senate. He said that “Maybe this just concludes the night with some comic relief.”


Democrats are pleased with the changes made by the pandemic to voting methods and with the outcome of the 2020 election. The result is the For the People Act of 2021, also known as HR 1 or S 1, which would essentially federalize U.S. elections. This bill would also eliminate voter ID laws, one of its many harmful provisions.

As the Texas state House of Representatives prepared to take up new voter integrity legislation in July, the majority of House Democrats fled the state to deny the chamber the quorum necessary to pass the bill.

They headed to Washington, D.C., where they have been lobbying Democratic leaders to pass the For the People Act. They hoped to get a vote on it.

Cruz’s insistent pushback effectively ended all chances of this happening, at least temporarily.

Schumer “acted in the predawn hours under sharp demands from activists, elected officials and voters in states where Republican legislators have passed new voting restrictions,” The Washington Post reported.

After Wednesday’s 4 a.m. frenzy, Schumer stated, “Let us not make any mistake about what is happening here.” We are at a stage in this chamber when Republicans seem to be opposed to any measure — no matter how common-sense — to protect voting rights or strengthen our democracy.

Schumer vowed to take up “voting rights” when the Senate reconvenes following the summer recess.

I don’t know what he thinks it will look like in a month. It is a horrible bill from the beginning to the end. There’s nothing in it that could allow for any compromise between the parties. Republicans remain adamantly opposed to the democracy-crushing bill.

The end of the summer session was marked by the all-night session. The Senate was adjourned to mid-September.

The Texas Tribune reported Washington is currently a “legislative ghost town.” Although several Texas Democrats returned to the state this week, it’s unclear if the others will remain in D.C. or follow their fellow state congressmen home. Will they return to Texas where 52 arrest warrants await their arrival? That’s yet to be determined.

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