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Former President Obama Said Biden is “Finishing The Job” Of His Administration In An Interview

Biden is”finishing the job” Barack Obama suggested to the New York Times, Based on The Guardian.

“I think that what we’re seeing now, is Joe and the administration are essentially finishing the job,” Obama said. “And I think it’ll be an interesting test.

“Ninety percent of those folks that were there in my government, they’re continuing and building on the policies we spoke about, whether it’s the Affordable Care Act or our climate change schedule and the Paris [climate deal], and figuring out how can we enhance the ladders to freedom through things such as community schools.”

“It’s difficult to just highlight just how much the bank bailouts just angered everybody, including me,” Obama stated.

“And then you’ve got this long, slow recovery. Even though the economy recovers technically fast, it is just another five years before we are really back to people feeling like,’OK, the economy is moving and working for me.’

“… Let’s say a Democrat, a Joe Biden, or Hillary Clinton had immediately succeeded me, and the economy suddenly has 3% unemployment, I think we would have consolidated the sense that,’Oh, really these policies which Obama put in place worked’

“The fact that Trump interrupts essentially the continuation of our policies, but still benefits from the economic stability and growth that we had pioneered, means people are not sure.”

“Well, gosh, unemployment’s 3.5% under Donald Trump.”

“By virtue of biography and generationally,” Obama said, his vice-president, who is 78 and was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania,”can still reach a few of those people”.

“People knew that I was left on issues like race, or gender equality, and LGBTQ issues etc.”

“However, I think maybe the reason I was successful campaigning in downstate Illinois, or Iowa, or places like that is that they never felt like I was condemning them for not having gotten into the politically correct answer fast enough, or that somehow they were suspect because they’d grown up with and thought more traditional values.”

“I could go to the fish fry, or the [Veterans of Foreign Wars] hall, or all these other places, and just speak to people.”

“And they did not have any preconceptions about what I thought. They could only take me at face value.”

“When I went into the exact areas now or if any Democrat who is campaigning goes in these places now, just about all news is from Fox News, Sinclair news channels, talk radio, or any Facebook page.”

“And trying to penetrate that’s actually tricky.”

“It is not that the people in those communities have shifted.”

“It is that if that is what you’re being fed, day in and day out, then you are likely to come to each conversation with a particular set of predispositions which are really tough to breakthrough.”

“That is one of the biggest challenges I believe we confront.”

“If you’ve got a conversation with people,” Obama stated.

“you can usually assuage these fears. But they need to be able to hear you.”

“You have to have the ability to get in the room. And I could do this back in 2007, 2008.”

“I think Joe, by virtue of biography and generationally, I believe he could still reach a few of those folks.”

“However, it starts getting tougher, especially for newcomers that are coming up.”

“Does [victory for Biden] reevaluate that type of identity politics that has come to dominate Twitter, and the press, which has seeped into how people think about politics?”

“Probably not entirely. But in the margins, if you are changing 5 percent of the electorate, making a difference.”

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