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Notes Leaked From Georgia Investigator Show Election Integrity Problems

According to The Western Journal, Fulton County in Georgia showed that there were widespread election integrity failures and mismanagement.

Jones stated that the time stamp was placed at 4 p.m. on election night and that he saw absentee ballots arrive at the scanning center at Atlanta State Farm Arena in rolling bins 2k each.

He also noted that he had seen someone mistakenly taking the wrong bag of poll pad.

Carter Jones stated, “This appears like a huge chain of custody problems.”

“I believe that the ballots should be transported in sealed, numbered boxes to protect them.”

“Too many ballots coming into secure black ballot boxes.”

“It seems a mystery to me who this person is.”

“Should have chain custody paperwork!” “

“That is a sign that someone has just left with sensitive election materials?”

“I must keep an ear on these two.”

“Perhaps it was a bad joke but it was poorly timed in front of a poll observer.”

It’s not what the election looks like. Jones stated that it is what happens after the election, and what it looks like at its end.

“Fulton was capable of making their numbers zero out, and there was nothing to challenge the certification for this election.”

“This [reveals] chaos due to incompetence, in some cases willful violation law in order help Mr. Biden.”

“This is consistent in the evidence we are finding, Arizona, Georgia and Pennsylvania, despite intimidation by Attorney General Garland.”

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