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Four Texas Counties Respond To Horror on the Border as Local Judge Declares Act of War

The local government is gearing up to take action against the border crisis, based on The Western Journal.

Four Texas counties, Atascosa, Kinney, La Salle, and Goliad have declared a state of disaster.

Kinney County declared, “The ongoing border crisis has resulted in thousands of illegal aliens invading Kinney County and overwhelming our local, state, and federal law enforcement.”

“This continual violation of our sovereignty and territorial integrity has resulted in residents of Kinney County being assaulted, threatened with violence, and robbed, while also sustaining vast amounts of property damage.”

Each declaration in the counties suggests that Gov. Greg Abbott deploy The Texas National Guardsmen.

Goliad County Judge Mike Bennett said, “This needs to be addressed at the source — which is our border — and that’s what we’re hoping our governor will do.”

Goliad County Sheriff Roy Boyd said, “If we’re not going to do something about any of this, then we’re not a nation.”

“I’d much rather see the federal government get off their duff and do something about this, but, I’m sorry, I have no faith. It’s going to have to come from the state of Texas. If the state doesn’t do something, it’s all going to be over.”

Lavaca County Judge Mark Myers stated, “This all costs taxpayer money because illegal aliens don’t pay that bill — you do.”

“This is not a sustainable future. We cannot do this.”

“The governor needs to act on this, and he needs to treat it as what it is, which is an invasion of our nation.”

“This is an act of war.”

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