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Hollywood Leftist Sophia Bush Is Furious With Republicans

Actress Sophia Bush Demands GOP Leaders Are ‘Stripped of Their Offices and Titles’ Amid Jan. 6 Hearing

Bush is known as an actress, activist, director, and producer. She starred as Brooke Davis in One Tree Hill as well as as Erin Lindsay in the NBC police procedural drama series Chicago P.D.

Bush sent several tweets during the Jan. 6 hearing of the commission to investigate events at Capitol.

“Thank you,” she wrote to Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger who spoke at the hearing. “Country” over “Party. Always,” Bush added.

Then Bush continued, “This is f***ing horrifying.”

“And the fact that we have elected officials downplaying this?” she continued. “They should all be stripped of their offices and titles. Treasonous cowards.”

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