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Nebraska Governor Blasts Biden Admin And CDC For Terrible Communication Regarding COVID Guidelines

Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts asserts that the CDC is slacking on communication new guidelines, based on Fox News.

“I found out about it in the news, just like the general public did,” Ricketts stated.

“We really need to see better communication from the Biden administration, better communication from the CDC when they’re going to make policy changes so we have a heads-up on this and then can use that when we’re making decisions in our own states.”

“This is similar to what happened to when they did the Johnson & Johnson pause.”

“We did not get a heads-up that that was coming.”

“Due to the inconsistent, convoluted, and ever changing guidance/messaging from President Biden’s CDC, the confusion from businesses and schools across the country is understandable.”

“Here in NH, the state fully phased out restrictions a week ago — so we have already provided businesses with maximum flexibility in how they choose to handle the latest guidance from the CDC.”

“If we don’t present a unified message to those folks, it just reinforces that they don’t trust the vaccine.”

“So, by not having good communication, we’re actually creating part of the problem with regard to not getting people vaccinated.”

“And so I think that’s one of the things that, you know, if you’re doing this because you don’t want to be associated being a Republican or a conservative, you really ought to ask yourself, ‘what is your motivation on this?’ because I think that that undermines the whole effort again from the White House, to be able to get this country back to normal.”

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