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Biden Slams U.S. Miners With Critical Blow – Outsource Materials Required For Electric Vehicles

Biden will outsource the mining of most metals required for the manufacture of electric vehicles to allied nations, Reuters reported Tuesday.

The plan is part of an effort to placate radical environmentalists, whom it is believed would interfere with U.S. mining efforts

The administration previously hinted they would support domestic manufacturing materials for solar panels and electric vehicles but will be outsourcing to allied nations.

“President Biden is focused on seizing the electric vehicle (EV) market, sourcing and manufacturing the supply chain here in America, and creating good-paying, union jobs,” Ali Zaidi said.

“Building American-made EVs and shipping them around the world will include leveraging American-made parts and resources.”

“This includes responsibly pursuing, developing, and mining critical minerals and materials used for EV batteries.”

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