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Biden Ditches His Duties And Heads Out To His Million Dollar Beach Home For Vacation

Joe Biden ditched work to visit their $2.7 million dollar beach vacation, based on The Western Journal.

The couple paid $2.7 million for the six-bedroom home, which sits perilously close to a coastline you would think should be climbing as part of the impending climate catastrophe Democrats have warned about for years. There’s absolutely no apparent immediate threat this week.

Certainly everyone is entitled to a vacation, while the pressures of being the leader of the free world no doubt take their toll in a way the average person couldn’t fathom. But the president does not get a pass for being tired, or for needing to soak up some sunshine.

Not if the last four years are the metric by which we judge presidential job performance and time management expectations. Former President Donald Trump played his fair share of golf while in office, which isn’t any secret.

Trump would sometimes get away for a quick 18 holes, and the establishment media savaged him for it.

But Trump was always busy, and he was known for working until the wee hours of this morning. There is also little doubt Trump got things done on the golf program.

As Business Insider noted, Trump golfed during office with people such as former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, at least one high-ranking military officer, multiple senators and numerous confidants both inside and outside of the White House.

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