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Actress Jasika Nicole Stands With BLM And Vows Not To Play A Law Enforcement Roll Ever

Jasika Nicole has pledged not to take on roles as a police officer showing her stance in accordance with the Black Lives Issue motion, according to The Daily Wire.

Nicole, who describes herself as a”cis, queer, light-skinned Black actor” was working”to untie the threads of my own internalized -isms, reworking my understanding of how white supremacy and patriarchal ideals have informed my view of the world.”

“Last year, I prepared an audition for a television remake of a popular ’90s film in which I was being seen for the role of a police officer.”

“The character was smart, charismatic, and unafraid — a dream role for lots of women like me in Hollywood.”

“But something about this character felt uncomfortable in a way that was new for me, it felt… false.”

“I realized it was because the premise of the show wasn’t focused on the complicated ways that police officers abuse their power or how unconscious anti-Black bias flavors the way that Black neighborhoods are policed by mostly white police forces.”

“Instead, it was just a story about one cop. One ‘good’ cop. One cop who was intentionally being cast as a person of color.”

“By casting cops as non-white, Hollywood thinks they can avoid inconvenient discussions about racism and power, but the truth is that you don’t have to be white to uphold the tenets of white supremacy; you just have to believe in its validity.”

“Suddenly the stakes of the role came into clear focus for me, and I couldn’t imagine willingly perpetuating a distortion such as this, supporting the narrative that cops were generally well-intentioned protectors of all citizens, only occasionally lumped in with a few ‘bad apples. ”’

Alyssa Rosenberg said, “There’s no question that it would be costly for networks and studios to walk away from the police genre entirely.”

“Canceling Dick Wolf’s ‘Chicago’ franchise of shows would wipe out an entire night of NBC’s prime-time programming; dropping ‘Law & Order: Special Victims Unit’ and a planned spinoff would cut even further into the lineup.”

“For a century, Hollywood has been collaborating with police departments, telling stories that whitewash police shootings and valorizing an action-hero style of policing over the harder, less dramatic work of building relationships with the communities cops are meant to serve and protect.”

“There’s a reason for that beyond a reactionary streak hiding below the industry’s surface liberalism.”

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